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Poor code

The app is for iPad yet it doesn’t automatically rotate to landscape when the iPad is attached to the apple keyboard/cover.


Need a way to edit list of stores, some have been closed for years. Like to edit store list for ones I don't use.

Weekly ads pro

Worst app ever.... I hate that I paid for pro because it doesn't let me email coupons to myself...... Fix the keybroad please

Early pls...

The best aspect of this app is the fact that it gets the ads a day or two earlier than the paper or mail. But it's been slow lately.

App is dead

Needs to be updated

😟not happy with it changing back to flip

It's kind of better just to have the free version with a pen and paper😩 cuz you need to type what you want and once it take you to add what you want 🤔 i forget 🙄🙊. I thought it was going to be kind off like the Flipp app but nope. I guess I'll just go back with the flip😳


Cannot use Landscape mode in the paid version. Fix and will be a great app.

I'd Like My Money Back

This app is horrible. It only covers large chains of stores. The app itself is not user friendly and I have two iPads and the open app doesn't fit onto either of my screens so my mother got it and the display was just as bad as mine. It's full of bugs. I would really appreciate it if they corrected the problems and included more stores. If not then I'd like a refund, please!

Lack Of Store Coverage!!

There are six top grocery chains in southern California. This app only covers national or multiple chains with 100+ stores. They are missing key grocers like Superior Grocers, Vallarta Supermarkets, Cardenas Supermarkets, El Super and many local grocers that are more impactful then a Ralph's grocery store. I want my money back!!

Update needs updating!

I used to love this app, then I downloaded the update. Every time I go to the sales to view the ads, it kicks me out! I want my old version back!

good app, but needs some imprvment

i use this app for almost a year and like it. wish it Had push notifications to tell me when new ads are available.

Nice but missing some.

Nice app, but I'm missing ads from Lowes and Price Chopper in the area that I can see on other apps.

No While Using Permission for Location

The app needs the ability to set a "While Using" permission for Location Services. There is no need for the GPS to always be on to use this app.

Used to be good

Idk what happened this app used to have all the major ads. Now it has 100 Kohls ads and nothing else. Useless and deleted!

Don't waste your money

Downright useless app!

Don't trust

On two separate occasions, after viewing ads on this app, I went to the store just to discover the displayed ads were incorrect. In one case the ad was for the week before and no longer in effect. Today they displayed an ad for another part of the country, not the ad for the zip code I had typed in. In both cases, the trip to the store was a huge waste of time. I am deleting this app!

Never current

I paid for the pro version. Ads are very often not available or not current. Would not recommend


This product will bring up weekly sales circulars from all the major stores in your geographical area. My fiancé liked it so much, she bought an iPad just use this program. One thing she did suggest however, would be the ability to circle, highlight or create a list of items from the circulars that she would like to purchase. In the present form, you still must be done with pen and paper.



Grocery Ads not available!

I purchased this app to have access to all the grocery ads and they are not available (Albertsons, HEB, Sprouts)

Need more ads

I like this app but I wish I could look at all the ads some stores aren't available

Ads not updating correctly

The ads are not updated and even the ones that are updated do not match the original flyer from the store. Thankfully I only spent $1.99. I am really disappointed.

False advertising

I bought this app specifically for grocery store ads but there are no store ads available!!! The only problem with that is...the screen shots show grocery stores....

Great app

🌟. Awesome idea. Please keep adding stores!

Good start

Bought the app ugly icon but the app is quick and to the point. Please include Hispanic markets in my area there are some large chain stores Cardenas Markets, Superior, El Super, Rio Rancho

Misinformation in store listing

You have Dominick's on Nagle listed twice and this store is permanently closed as of December 28

It's okay...

While the concept is great, it would be even better if local supermarket ads were available.

Works great in Florida

When this app first came out it never updated to the newest weekly ad now it does. great app

Do not buy!

Half of the time they take the ads down in the middle of the week fix this app!

Don't Waste Your Time

This app is next to "Useless." I only wanted weekly grocery ads. Have had it for 3 weeks. It always says Food Lion doesn't have any sales! What a joke! It doesn't realize that Ukrops grocery stores went out of business at least 5 years ago and it gives me their weekly sales! I could go on and on but you get the idea.


Waste of money!!

WeeklyAds - great app

Very useful app - use it frequently when making grocery lists and planning meals. Love the Favorites so I can quickly see all the stores I shop at frequently. Wish it would display in landscape mode when I use my iPad in the stand.

Has potential

Bought the Pro version so I could do a list straight from the ads. That function sort of works you can't always just tap it and it will add to your list sometimes you have to type it in yourself but not my biggest issue. If the ad does not have the ability to click you can get a item list from the ad and do your list that way problem with that is everything from the ad does not always make it into the item list version. Then there is the fact that your shopping list is not divided into the different stores. You have to remember which item was with which store. Ads are not being updated quickly. 2 closed stores are on the list and 3 other store I would like to see ads for are not on the list or in the search ability. . POTENTIAL IS there..

weekly pro

good idea, bad follow thru. works only as a list of local stores, weekly adds never loaded...


This app does not update every store's current ad.


Purchased the "Pro" version for the added feature of being able to save favorite stores. App won't even let me search for favorites. Save your $2 - the upgrade is nonexistent!

Very elegantly made

Im amazed at how such a tiny app saves me so much time and money!!!!

Love it

Been using free app for a while, and just upgraded to pro version - love it so far!!!

Search is crippled

Search is crippled by requiring location. No search by zip code. Ads are very slow to load, even on WiFi. Has potential...

List not showing up on my iPod touch

The Online Weekly Ad for a major grocery store ie Kroger will show up on my iPad mini with the free app but will not show up on my iPod touch and on the touch I even tried to delete and reinstall it. That didn't work, so I installed the pro version and that didn't work either!!!!!! What do I do know???? HELP!!!!!!!!!

Don't Buy

No adds or flyers for major stores like Fry's and Albertsons even though they are listed. Adds not being updated!

Good app

Only two of the grocery stores located in my area have ads listed. More ad listings would be helpful. An AirPrint option would be nice too. The ability to keep a list is good

Wake up developers.

This app was great, now there content is lacking only about 50% of the stores now have ads working.. If you are going to let the app die you should refund money.. Hoping for an update

Does not work!

Needs update! I purchased this so I did not have to keep all of my paper ads. This app does nothing like it says it will do when I was looking at it in the App Store. Very frustrating!. You could not make a list, won't go to landscape mode and it won't open ads that is what I purchased Pro for. Can you get a refund?

Needs some help

I originally thought this would be a great app to look through the local ads since I no longer get a newspaper. However, some stores are listed but the weekly ad is a month old. Some stores are not open anymore. Not sure what the problem is, but the app definitely needs an update.

What a waste!

The only thing you can do with this is open the appl, and then... nothing! Please fix!!!



Very useful!

Great application! I just moved to a new city and the search feature is very useful for figuring out where I want to shop at.

so close yet so far

The concept is good but the implementation is lacking. While you can select states, cities, and stores to view the circulars from there is nothing to give you the latest ads, the ability to rotate the screen, to follow any item you might want more info on nor to add to the shopping list.

Waste of money

This app does not even open store ads. The free version did better.

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